Work out of Orange Glow’s well-ventilated, clean and friendly studio. The large studio fits 8 people on the custom built 8’ x 16’ work table, providing each artist with a 4’ x 4’ work station and chair.  Bring your own torch or rent one.  The Orange Glow studio uses GTT, Nortel torches and Paragon annealers.

(For experienced glass artists only. All renters must be 18+)

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Jessie Trott graduated the Craft and Design Glass Program at Sheridan College with an Advanced Diploma in 2010. Majoring in Kiln Casting and minoring in Flame working. She went onto develop her hot shop skills at The Living Arts Centre from 2011-2012. She also worked as the soft glass community course instructor from 2011-2014 at LAC while advancing her flame working skills in her little home studio. The home studio was very small and Jessie and her students needed more space. With the support from family Jessie opened Orange Glow Glass Co in May of 2015.


Join professional artist, Jessie Trott, as she teaches a range of introductory and advanced group and individual lessons. She covers safety, use of equipment and tools and provides a hands-on torch experience. Individual lessons are available on a variety of subjects including bead making, marbles, pendants, jewelry and sculpture. Orange Glow encourages groups to book bead making classes to test out the art of flame working in a relaxed setting with friends and co-workers. Participants can expect to make 2 - 8 beads they can take home in 1 - 3 days, after an annealing and cleaning process. 

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Orange Glow supplies a variety of tools (claw grabbers, graphite paddles) and raw materials including clear Chinese tubing and rod, clear Schott & Simax tubing and rod and Lenz and Chinese ground joints. We also carry NorthstarGlass Alchemy and TAG colour rods. Available for purchase in-store for students and online.