Group 3-4 Person Marble Making Lesson

Group 3-4 Person Marble Making Lesson

from 80.00

$40 an hour, per person for a 3-4 person marble making lesson.

Each person will pay: 2 hrs - $80, 3 hrs - $120, 4 hrs - $160.

There is a 2 hour minimum for lessons, because the instructor must first explain the safety rules of the studio and will explain how to use the torch, annealers (kilns), tools, and glass. Then the instructor will demo the piece. After that is done the instructor will walk the participants through how to create the piece themselves, which usually takes longer than 1 hour and we don't like to rush this process.

The participants will get approx. 1 - 4 pieces done. After annealing process (overnight) the participants will be able to come back and pick up the glass beads. There is also an option to get the glass shipped for a fee.

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