NS-31 Lavender 7mm


NS-31 Lavender 7mm

from 11.85

**DISCLAIMER - You can only buy 4 rods of this colour per transaction, any transactions with over 4 rods will be refunded**

NS-31 Lavender is a transparent light bluish purple.

It is atmospherically stable meaning it can be worked in any flame without the color being changed. It is also resistant to excessive heat, and can take a lot of abuse. Because Lavender washes out when thinned most think of it as a color used for sculpture only. However, like the other transparent colors, Lavender is well suited as an overlay color. Try layering it over your favorite exotic or Amber/Purple.

$32.90 per 0.25 lbs

$131.62 per pound

Each rod weighs approximately 0.07 lbs

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