Explore our studio rental options

We offer hourly, half day, daily and monthly studio time.

Monthly rentals come with some storage space.

No tools? You can rent those too!

First time renters are required to sign documentation and attend a safety & tool orientation prior to using studio space.


day rates

This includes the rental of the torch, either a GTT Phantom or Nortel Rocket as well as a Smith Little Torch with a Hornet tip. It will also include oxygen & propane as well as the use of the annealers, 1 - F120 Paragon annealer, 2 - F240 Paragon annealers.


Bulk weekly & monthly rates

 Bulk 15, 25, 48 hour packages
Torch, tools & annealers included.

Monthly Pass comes with Bench Space
Annealer provided. Bring your own propane, tools & torch or rent.


tool rentals


Rent small and large tool kits by the hour.

For hourly  torch rentals, tools are rented separately.