T.A.G- Mighty Moss 7mm

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41 Mighty Moss.jpg

T.A.G- Mighty Moss 7mm

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Mighty Moss features Paul’s newer aventurine
technology, which has greatly improved the stability of glitter boro colors. This glass is a very densely saturated aventurine with large, dichro-like
sparkles. Mighty Moss may be safely imploded into
marbles, within reason, meaning you should limit the time you "garage" your work, do not go above 1050 in the anneal cycle, and anneal as short a time as you can for the size of the piece. Not
sensitive to flame atmosphere, but reduction should be avoided on aventurines before implosion.

$175.50 per pound
Approx. $14.04 per rod.
Each rod weighs approx. 0.08 lbs

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